Good to have someone to talk to who listens and doesn't judge me (Nevil). Mike gave me good tips to help manage my thoughts. He really helped me take back control of my life.


I felt I was in a very dark place but Mike became the light at the end and thus got brighter with every session.
Thanks Mike for helping me get back to normality


Mike is easy to talk to. He is very supportive and really helps.


Mike makes the sessions feel comfortable and safe. I had no trouble talking to him and I was surprised how much came out


My session times with Mike Tivey were excellent!! He helped me gain so much confidence and also gained a different outlook on life. I was very low, depressed and very worried about everything when I started. Now I have learned ways to deal with things better. I have also gained confidence to make new friends. I now go to Zumba classes and have started volunteering. All of which I would never have dreamed of doing before and feel wouldn’t have happened without Mike. Thank you so much Mike!


 All counselling is confidential and covered by the Data Protection Act and in accordance with the BACP ethical framework.