Build relationships between parent and child

As an Accredited Family Link Nurturing Programme Facilitator, I am able to offer delivery of this programme on 1-2-1 basis or within a group setting.

talk2tivey-parentingSkillsThe Nurturing programme is based around the four constructs:

  • Self -esteem and self awareness

  • Positive discipline

  • Empathy

  • Appropriate expectations


This will help give you knowledge of:

  • Problem-solving approach to work with parents 

  • Skills to develop trust and build relationships between parent and child

  • A partnership approach to work with parents

  • Consistency of practice amongst all professionals and also team and multi-agency work

  • Personal and professional reflection


This programme has been described as "The parenting Handbook" and is aimed to help parents get the best out of family life. This is delivered usually as a 10 week programme, however it can be modified to help focus on the areas that best meet your needs. I am able to deliever programme either 1-2-1 or in small groups.

Mike Tivey (Accredited family Link Nurturing Programme Facilitator)


 All counselling is confidential and covered by the Data Protection Act and in accordance with the BACP ethical framework.